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What is Onion Routed 3G?

OR3G connects your device directly to a Tor Project bridge, it is a closed network ensuring that your data can't leak to the clearnet without first going through the Tor anonymity network.

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About Brass Horn Communications

We specialise in helping people protect themselves from mass surveillance.

Started in 2015 with the goal of providing fast Tor Exit capacity in the UK Brass Horn Communications has offered tools, training and network capacity to help people like you evade mass surveillance of the Internet.

We handle 70% of the Tor Exit traffic in the UK and more than 1% of global Tor traffic, with your help we can build more infrastructure and provide more training classes to help people fight back against the UK Government's Mass Surveillance plans

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How does Onion Routed 3G Work?

Simply, your mobile device can't connect to the Internet, it can only communicate with a Tor Bridge within our closed network.

1. PPP/L2TP Connection

Your SIM card authenticates with the carrier network and then your device passes credentials for connection to the Brass Horn Comms closed 3G network.

2. Initiate Onion Routing

Configure the Tor daemon on your device to use the bridge at and wait for the network to bootstrap.

3. Browse Anonymously

You can now use your device to browse the Internet safe in the knowledge that neither we (nor the UK Government) can easily see what you are doing!

Do you want an uncensored, secure, surveillance free Internet connection?

An Internet connection that your ISP can't spy on even if ordered to do so?

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PAYG Bandwidth

£2 a month to maintain the SIM and then bandwidth as low as £0.0245/MB, simply pay for what you use.



SIM card

200MB of pre-paid bandwidth

Additional bandwidth at 2.5p/MB



SIM card

500MB of pre-paid bandwidth

Additional bandwidth at 2.5p/MB



SIM card

1024MB of pre-paid bandwidth

Additional bandwidth at 2.5p/MB

Warrant Canary

We Exist To Protect You From Mass Surveillance

We don't have share holders, we don't (& can't!) monitor our users, we don't filter our Internet connections and we don't use ads or other shady tracking elements. Brass Horn Communications exists solely to protect people from Government mass surveillance, if we were to be served with a National Security Notice or any other form of notice under RIPA or IPA we will ensure you know about it.

Onion Routing as default

.onion options for all services

Warrant Canaries for if the worst happens


Get in Touch

We strongly recommend that you contact us via Email, we use ProtonMail which provides strong privacy guarantees.

Brass Horn Communications, Department 31
105 London Street, Reading, RG1 4QD
+44 20 3322 9210
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